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Architecture Services Influence Modern Home Design

There’s no question that the world looked very different twenty, ten, even five years ago.
Things change more rapidly than we can perceive, and that certainly includes changes to the
design of everything around us. Home design in particular can be challenging, since many
people like their dwellings to evoke feelings of memory and nostalgia, but that doesn’t mean
the “modern” standard for our homes won’t be at all progressive in the years to come.

Modern, Subtle Design Presented Through Architecture Services

It seems not to matter which design-oriented source of information that you find, there’s always
mention of the desirable “open floor plan.” This is popular for a number of reasons, one of
which is that it brings to mind a sense of minimalism, of space, and of simplicity. Larger
expanses of rooms allow for more “breathability,” offering a more bright and airy feel to those
who opt for this type of layout. This trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon,
particularly not as homeowners continue to seek out “seamless connections between the
interiors and exteriors.” Outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular, and with their
design in mind, it helps to transition you from indoor to outdoor with ease, both from a physical
design standpoint and with a literal move to the outdoors.

“As lifestyles shift, layouts follow suit.”

There are a lot of traditional-minded rooms that are no longer in use in most homes, such as
formal, separate living and dining spaces. New home architectural and design styles today
typically focus on an “open floor plan.” Kitchens still act as central hubs, but instead of separate
dining, sitting, and living rooms, homes today have an open layout with one room blending into
the next, providing a seamless transition from one living area to another. This open concept is
prevalent both in new home design as well as in home renovations.

The challenge with a renovation of a traditional home is that, while the home may have a lot of
history, character, and charm, it doesn’t have an open layout that fits with modern lifestyles.
Working with an experienced architect, along with a creative design-build team, can help
transition an older, more traditional home design into a new, modern one while keeping the
classical charm of the traditional home intact.

For over 20 years, the design-build team of Gardiner & Larson Homes has been providing
architecture services, designing and building extraordinary new homes and renovations
throughout Fairfield County, CT as well as the Hamptons, Westchester, Vermont, and Kiawah
Island, SC. If you’re looking for architecture services in New Canaan CT, then get in touch today
to learn more!


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