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custom home builders Greenwich, CT | Gardiner and Larson Homes

Every home we create is unique and distinct. We design homes in a range of styles from 1800′s Colonial to present day Shingle Style, Modern and Transitional. They are all designed and constructed, regardless of style, with a great emphasis on quality, character, charm and timeless architectural beauty.

Many homes in New England are historic, and often are located in charming historic districts. Care, we believe, should be taken to make every addition to an older home seamless and a subtle enhancement consistent with the character and style of the the original design. Just as importantly, new homes constructed in historic districts need to harmonize with those around them. We specialize in designing the “New Old Home” (as architect Russell Versaci has described it in his book by this name) and have a successful history winning approvals from some very discriminating Historic District Commissions.

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