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The Importance of Good “Flow” in Your Home Renovation

Let’s begin with a basic fact: some floor plans are just better than others. However, it is often hard to pin down exactly what makes one house “feel better” when compared to another. The answer is that the best floor plans have a feature known as “flow.” If a home flows smoothly, then it is a well-designed space that allows the occupants to move easily within the home, promoting and ensuring a comfortable lifestyle in every room. Whether considering new construction or a home renovation in Darien, or any other town in Southern Fairfield County, from Greenwich to New Canaan, and from Westport to Weston, the team at Gardiner & Larson expertly creates a design that flows from room to room.

Good Connection Between Spaces

A floor plan with a great flow is laid out in a sensible design. Good flow naturally guides you to specific areas. Bedrooms are positioned in one area of the house, away from noisy rooms, and the kitchen is close to the dining room. Good flow takes into consideration the functionality of the space and how it is used on a regular basis.

Another important characteristic of good flow is purely aesthetic. In other words, how the eye responds to the visual scope of your home. The best-designed homes have a sense of cohesiveness, allowing residents and guests to look from one room to another and to see everything coming together.

To achieve a better flow in your current home, you may want to look into a renovation. The design-build team at Gardiner & Larson Homes lends their expertise in transforming older floor plans into modern, open living spaces.

Create Better Flow in Your Current Home

At first glance, the process of a home renovation can seem completely overwhelming. However, the team at Gardiner & Larson will work with you every step of the way to create exceptional, functional space resulting in your ideal home. Below are some ideas to consider when looking at your current space:

Bring down an opaque wall. Replace it with glass doors or a fully-opening glass wall that will not obstruct any views. This will establish a strong connection between the interior and exterior while providing a smooth transition between the spaces.

Enlarge the windows. Flood the house with natural light and draw attention to the natural surroundings. Highlight the beautiful features of your property like views of water or tranquil woods.

Install sliding or pocket doors. Use doors that glide away into spaces within the walls when not needed. Adding features like this is a great example of creating open-plan layouts that are flexible and offer a good flow.

Construct partial walls. This is another excellent way to create a natural flow. Partial walls can be built as half-way high or as wide as you wish.

Add structure to create focal points. Each room should have a focal point. Examples include a large screen TV, fireplace or a larger picture window. Constructing new details in the room offers something on which people can settle their gaze, creating a more relaxing atmosphere.

Exceptional Quality and Attention to Detail on Every Project

When it comes time to renovate your home and create a new, more natural flow, Gardiner & Larson Homes has the right team for the job. With over 20 years designing and constructing extraordinary new homes and renovations, Gardiner & Larson professionals create floor plans that result in a better connection between spaces, add more natural light to your home, and yet remain warm and comfortable. Contact Gardiner & Larson to discuss your renovation project.

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