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Home Builders In Fairfield County -- Gardiner And Larson Homes

Sophisticated, Luxury Kitchens for Today

Beginning with your first cup of coffee in the morning, until turning off the lights at night, your kitchen is the heart of your home. Do you notice that your kitchen doesn’t serve you as well as it once did? A kitchen update brings your home to life. Your first step: partnering with skilled professionals for your kitchen project. Bringing over 20 years of experience, the team at Gardiner & Larson Homes are among the top remodeling companies and home builders in Fairfield County.

Essential Upgrades for Your Kitchen

If you’re looking for a wonderful way to customize your home, consider starting with the kitchen. No two cooks or families are alike. Therefore, upgrading your kitchen is a very personal project. Unique ideas from the right designer bring your dream kitchen to life. Incorporating innovative technology eases daily tasks making your kitchen more efficient.

Professional Ranges and Cooktops: Regardless of the size of your household, you’ll need a stove that can meet your needs. A standard four-burner stove may not get the job done effectively. Have you thought about upgrading to a range that features at least six burners? Confidently create everything from gourmet spreads to quick daily meals with deluxe cooktops and built-in-ovens.

Refrigeration options: Modern refrigerators are taking on a whole new look. Some residential refrigerators have a design and style that is similar to commercial-style refrigerators, while many others integrate seamlessly into the cabinetry. Wine refrigeration units, refrigerator and freezer drawers are increasingly popular. Modern refrigerators offer a stainless steel finish, glass doors, or wood panel to match your cabinets, and a variety of other customizable options.

Unique storage possibilities: Storage options for your kitchen are now more clever than ever. Custom cabinetry allows you great flexibility as to how you store your dishes, silverware, bake ware, and cookware. For instance, modern kitchens today are eliminating many of the upper cabinets in favor of windows, and storing dishes in drawers below. Knife blocks, spice drawers, two-tiered cutlery drawers and a variety of other features help to utilize every inch of your kitchen cabinetry. Pantries are more loved than ever before, featuring many ways to creatively store food and bulk items. Some of our clients are using pantries for coffee stations and a place to nicely place and hide away toasters and blenders, at the same time as keeping them accessible.

Adding Your Personal Style

Whether you gravitate toward sleek, modern elegance or to timeless traditional looks, use your kitchen to display your personal style. Today’s kitchens offer endless options.

Countertops: Many high-end kitchens boast beautiful quartz, quartzite or granite countertops. Wide ranges of colors and patterns allow these materials appeal to all aesthetics. Choose a light color with smooth pattern or make a statement with dramatic black or dark grey. Wood tops treated for durability are also popular as accents on islands or other areas.

Flooring: Explore the many options for flooring. The natural beauty of a wood floor will always be a great choice. However, thanks to an ever-expanding variety of styles and designs, you may lean toward porcelain tiles or even vinyl planks that look remarkably like wood, without the wear and upkeep.

Pops-of -Color: Follow your heart and add a bold and fun color to your island, or a soft, pale hue throughout. Or, use a sophisticated, timeless mosaic or glass tile to the backsplash.

Looking for Home Builders in Fairfield County?

Inspiration abounds at Gardiner & Larson Homes. We specialize in guiding each of our clients through their building or renovation project. When researching home builders in Fairfield County and Upper Westchester County, consider the design-build team of Judy Larson and Bill Gardiner, Jr. Contact us today and learn how we can transform your kitchen with new ideas and quality craftsmanship.

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