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Judy Larson and Bill Gardiner came highly recommended to us. We were assured that they are extremely meticulous, professional, honest, and straightforward. This has certainly been our experience. The entire team has run the project with great attention to detail, keeping us up to date and informed at all stages and the standard of craftsmanship is superb. Bill and Judy and their teams work very independently but consult us often with pictures, plans and emails, which is very important to us given how far away we live. While they not surprisingly work well together, we have always felt we got unbiased reads from both of them on the other’s work and ideas, and we have never had the sense one was acting as agent for the other. We were told at the outset to just trust Bill and Judy as a team—and they were right. We can’t recommend Bill and Judy highly enough!
Monique and Sekhar B., Greenwich CT and London, UK.
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