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Custom Home Design and Build – Westport

custom home design and build - Gardiner & LarsonFor over 20 years, the custom home design and build team of Gardiner & Larson Homes has been creating extraordinary new homes and renovations in Westport. Although most known for their outstanding work on large residential estates, their projects also include the design and build of smaller homes and townhouses, as well as pool houses, barns and vacation homes. This extraordinary design and build team has been featured in well-known magazines such as East Coast Home + Design and Connecticut Cottages and Gardens (CTC&G).

Westport is a coastal town along Long Island Sound in Fairfield County, Connecticut, 47 miles northeast of New York City. The spirit and care with which people tend to this town is what gives it its very heart and soul.

Are you looking for a custom home design and build in Westport, Connecticut?

The award-winning design-build team of Gardiner & Larson has been designing and building new homes, additions and renovations since 1995. Each Gardiner and Larson design draws inspiration from all forms of architecture, both traditional and modern. Through careful attention to classical proportion, pleasing human scale and tasteful detail, they design and build high-quality homes with timeless appeal that will never look outdated. They believe that all homes should be warm, welcoming, and full of light.

During the design of our home, we had several sit-down sessions where we shared our ideas with Judy. Each iteration came back with exactly what we envisioned. We always felt comfortable making tweaks to any early drafts. I’m sure that some designers only hear what they want to hear and have preconceived ideas that they want you to buy into. Not Judy, she took all of our ideas and crafted them into a beautiful and functional home. I doubt that many new homeowners could say that they wouldn’t change a thing about the finished product. After three years in our Judith Larson designed home, we can honestly say that we can’t think of one single thing that we wished we had added.

Bob and Julie Utzler, Westport, CT.

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