Designing the Backdrop of Your Life

Everything we do is unique, encompassing a broad range of styles from traditional to modern.

For over 20 years, the design-build team of Gardiner & Larson Homes has been designing and building extraordinary new homes and renovations throughout Fairfield County, CT as well as the Hamptons, Westchester, Vermont and Kiawah Island, SC.

Quality Work

The award-winning design-build team of Gardiner & Larson has been designing and building new homes, additions and renovations since 1995. Although most known for their outstanding work on large residential estates, their projects also include smaller homes and townhouses, as well as pool houses, barns and vacation homes. Each Gardiner and Larson design draws inspiration from all forms of architecture, both traditional and modern. Through careful attention to classical proportion, pleasing human scale and tasteful detail, they design and build high-quality homes with timeless appeal that will never look outdated. They believe that all homes should be warm, welcoming, and full of light.


What Our Clients Say

Thank you so much for our beautiful home! We really love it. It's been great working with you and we really appreciate your effort to get us in by July 1! You really made us feel that you cared as much as about our home as we do. THANK YOU!! - Don and Tiffany, Greenwich CT
When we decided to build our Dream House, we selected the Gardiner/Larson team after investigating a number of the other architects and builders of high end homes in our area. They alone offered what we believed to be the combination of expertise, attention to quality and seamless coordination essential to having a successful project. From beginning to end, we were thoroughly comfortable with our decision and the outcome was indeed the home we’ve always wanted. — Leonard and Stefani S., Greenwich, CT
We spent the day today walking around admiring every inch of the beautiful home that you (Gardiner & Larson) built. It is spectacular! It is beautiful and elegant, yet warm and comfortable. There are so many lovely details and it is obvious how much time and thought went into creating it. We absolutely love it and are incredibly happy to be living here. — Shauna V., Greenwich, CT
During the design of our home, we had several sit-down sessions where we shared our ideas with Judy. Each iteration came back with exactly what we envisioned. We always felt comfortable making tweaks to any early drafts. I'm sure that some designers only hear what they want to hear and have preconceived ideas that they want you to buy into. Not Judy, she took all of our ideas and crafted them into a beautiful and functional home. I doubt that many new homeowners could say that they wouldn't change a thing about the finished product. After three years in our Judith Larson designed home, we can honestly say that we can't think of one single thing that we wished we had added. — Bob and Julie Utzler, Westport, CT.
Judy Larson and Bill Gardiner came highly recommended to us. We were assured that they are extremely meticulous, professional, honest, and straightforward. This has certainly been our experience. The entire team have run the project with great attention to detail, keeping us up to date and informed at all stages and the standard of craftmanship is superb. Bill and Judy and their teams work very independently but consult us often with pictures, plans and emails, which is very important to us given how far away we live. While they not surprisingly work well together, we have always felt we got unbiased reads from both of them on the other's work and ideas, and we have never had the sense one was acting as agent for the other. We were told at the outset to just trust Bill and Judy as a team—and they were right. We can't recommend Bill and Judy highly enough! — Monique and Sekhar B., Greenwich CT and London, UK.
I have always loved your (Gardiner & Larson) homes -- they are gracious, inviting, & timeless. — Jennie U., New Canaan, CT
While some people may believe it’s best to have an unrelated architect and builder, with Gardiner and Larson we found the complete opposite to be true. The fact that they are related entities made the process very cost effective as well as efficient given the communication between all parties was so easy. Every aspect of their architectural design work and quality of craftsmanship and building materials are of such high quality, and they always adopted the approach that everything should be done right...the first time. Six years after finishing our first house, Gardiner & Larson Homes continues to be prompt in answering any questions we have about our homes or helping us address any minor issues we face. They take the approach that you’re a client for life, which doesn’t end when the last payment is received. They have created two beautiful homes for us that we feel lucky to live in, while making the process of building them an enjoyable one. — Evane and Ed G., Greenwich CT and Water Mill, NY
Entrusting someone to design and build a home is a major decision. For us, when setting out to find an architect and builder, the two most important qualities were competence and integrity. We believe Gardiner Larson homes speak for themselves. Their design is timeless and their construction quality is second to none. Bill Gardiner and Judy Larson are people who can be trusted to genuinely appreciate your needs and put your interests above their own. Given this was the first time we built a house, they were patient and always found time to educate us about the process and potential pitfalls. Bill and Judy don’t just construct you a house, they set out to build you a home. Throughout the entire process, we always felt they were a partner that valued the relationship above and beyond the project at hand. Both of their staffs share the same beliefs. It was such a positive experience for us, we plan to hire them both again for our next project. — Ed G.
It is such a pleasure for us to recommend Judy Larson and Bill Gardiner as an architect-builder team. Judy has an extraordinarily clever way of making grand homes feel cozy and away of making tight spaces seem larger than life. She and her team took into account everything that we asked for. They created our home suited perfectly to our specifications, and in the unique way in which we live our lives. Our Bridgehampton home is extraordinary—it’s grand, yet cozy. It is cool, and yet warm and homey. And, it is healing. When you walk up to the main level your breath is taken away each time you enter! Judy’s design and the Gardiner workmanship made this happen. Last, but not least, an important aspect of our working relationship is the professionalism, care and soul that they put into this project. When they said that they would do something they honored it. They never cut corners. They never let us down. It is an unusual relationship that we will always cherish. We would in a heartbeat build our next home with them. — Patty and Madhav D., Greenwich, CT
As an interior designer, it was very important to me to be quite involved in the process. One of the best things about Judy (and there are many) is that she really listens. And one thing that I especially like about her is that, unlike other architects we interviewed, she does not have a strong ego. If an idea is good, she doesn't care who it comes from. She is very open to ideas and suggestions. We worked very well together. She not only incorporated our large wish list, but she took it to a whole new level. Since our property had many site issues, she also worked well with our landscape architect to help site the house to take advantage of our view and create light filled rooms and a great flow. She has the flexibility to be as involved as the homeowner wants her to be. She also knows when to step forward and when to step back. . . . I know people tell horror stories about building, but I have only fun and exciting memories. Throughout the years, as our kids grew and we changed and updated the house, Judy was always on hand to help and guide us through the process. I would not only recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking for an incredibly talented designer, but I would build another house with her in a heartbeat. — Donna and Peter G., Weston, CT
Judy and her team are a pleasure to work with. Extremely attentive to detail, responsive, and willing to give a strong opinion when needed, we are so happy to have them as part of our team. They have helped make the home building process, which can be complicated and stressful, enjoyable with their kindness and positive attitude throughout. — Tami and Adam
As you know, we interviewed countless architects before deciding to work with you and your team. Aside from reviewing your work and recommendations we received from New Canaan residents, there were a number of attributes that we found particularly important when making our decision. Your personality and ability to communicate with the homeowner immediately set you apart from the crowd. Of course, skill, attention to detail, and originality of ideas were of paramount importance to us. However, beyond that, your ability to explain complex architectural concepts in layman’s terms helped us understand what was going to happen behind the scenes, allowing us to make more informed decisions. It was a long process for us to decide upon an architect, and now that our project is complete, Brooke and I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed working with you. — Michael and Brooke S., New Canaan, CT
One of the many reasons we are happy that we hired Judy and her team is because of the ideas they came up with that we had not even considered. Our home is now full of light, practical and yet elegant. While it has many thoughtful details, it is truly family friendly, which was important to us since we have three young children. Working with Judy Larson made building our dream house a truly enjoyable experience. — Sharon and Tom T., New Canaan, CT